Notes from the Media Center


T.C.S. students in grades K-6 visit the Media Center on Tuesdays. Please help your students to remember to bring in their books each week so that others may enjoy them as well! Loan period is 2 weeks, and, of course, books may be renewed.

As a general rule, once a student has reached 10 checkouts on their account, a hold is put on their borrowing until some books are returned. If you would like to limit the number of books your students has checked out at any one time, please send in a note.

You can access The Media Center website on the T.C.S. Home Page. Scroll down and look for "T.C.S. MEDIA CENTER" on the left hand side. MEDIA CENTER NEWS is where you can find all of the latest!

-Ms. Klimkosky :o)

P.S. --- I have built a Topic page named "The Puma Page" for families and students on a website called SCOOP.IT!. Click on the link below to read about activities, webpages and resources you might find interesting. Have fun!